Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Karate Nylons with Athena and Orlandoe

Athena and Orlandoe get together with Jason and Thrash to bring you....

Karate Nylons
with Athena, Orlandoe, Thrash, and Jason
Martial Arts Fantasy Domination


Both Athena and Orlandoe give their individual takes on a karate domination scenario:

Each lady, clad in black reinforced-toe pantyhose and leotard, plays a secret agent hunting down the "Karate Man" who has escaped from prison.
Athena and Jason star in one version of the story, and Orlandoe and Thrash star in the other.

Both videos include multiple scenes depicting the female agent defeating the uniformed Karate Man using a multitude of kicks and chops. The scenes also include close-ups on the legs, feet, and toes of the ladies, especially as they strike at their opponents.

The scenes also depict stylized bows and poses and "karate movie" style dialog.

The two versions can be purchased together or separately.

Athena's version: 10 min (with Jason)
Orlandoe's version: 15 min (with Thrash)

Available in download format:



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