Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Showcase Tournament 2011 FVF Competitive matches!

On Saturday, June 4, 2011, here in New York City, we hosted our 3rd NYC Wrestling Showcase. The event video is now all ready...

June 2011 NYC Wrestling Showcase
4-Way Tournament of Champions
Competitive Female Wrestling with Indra, Athena, LotusLily, Orlandoe


VeVe invites 4 distinctive female wrestlers to compete in her first Tournament of Champions.

The ladies enter a 4-person tournament bracket, where the winners advance and the losers move to a consolation round.

All matches are 15 minutes long (3rd Place consolation match is 10 minutes). Match winners are determined by most submissions gained.

We kick off Match #1 with an "old school" rough wrestling style by Londoners Indra and Athena, followed by Match #2, where Toronto's newcomer LotusLily tests her skill against NYC veteran Orlandoe.

Who moves on in Matches 3 and 4? Watch and find out!

The 4-Way Bracketing

Match #1: Indra vs Athena
Match #2: LotusLily vs Orlandoe
Match #3: Loser of 1 vs Loser of 2 (10 min consolation match)
Match #4: Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2 (Championship)

This special video includes the ENTIRE Tournament of Champions event:
4 matches (three 15-min matches and one 10-min = 55 min total)
Plus VeVe's intro remarks and finale awards ceremony.

Available as a download or on DVD: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/showcase2011/

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