Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clobberetta Meets ShortFuse Mark: Wrestling and Lift & Carry Domination

Clobberetta Abuses "ShortFuse" Mark
Domination Wrestling and Lift & Carry

Mark, exhausted and demoralized from his bout with VeVe, is set upon by Clobberetta, who is fresh, strong, and merciless.

The 300 lb Clobberetta tosses little Mark, crushing him with smothering submissions, suffocating chokes, painful arm locks, and even by stepping on his chest.

She hoists him with ease, taking him through various lift & carry techniques: the fireman's carry, over-the-shoulder, cradle carry, and bear hug. She treats him roughly, like her personal rag doll, making him submit many times over, and celebrating with victory poses galore.

Clobberetta: 5'10" and 300 lbs
ShortFuse Mark: 5'10" and 135 lbs

3 rounds, each round with a different theme:
Round 1: Domination Wrestling (5 minutes)
Round 2: Lift & Carry with wrestling (6 minutes)
Round 3: Lift & Carry static lift & poses (1 minute)

A total of 12 minutes of wrestling and lift & carry domination.

DVD and Download: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/clobberettamark/

The trailer at YouTube:

VeVe Lane's Inner Bully: Mixed Wrestling MMA Domination

VeVe and Clobberetta released their "inner bullies" on poor little "ShortFuse" Mark this past Saturday. Two video matches resulted. Here's what came of it...


VeVe Lane Demolishes "ShortFuse" Mark
Athletic Mixed Wrestling MMA Domination

"This is suicide," says ShortFuse Mark in his opening interview. Indeed, it nearly was.

Fool-hardy Mark agrees to an MMA-style rematch with VeVe Lane, after suffering a hopeless defeat in their first straight wrestling encounter. Despite Mark's best efforts, his lack of strength and skill results in his complete domination.
VeVe manhandles him with chokes, armbars, and a vicious ground & pound: a flurry of punches to the face and body!

While poor Mark pathetically tries to defend himself, VeVe takes great pleasure in beating him into the floor.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
ShortFuse Mark: 5'10" and 135 lbs

And finally, for you VP fans, VeVe strikes some great victory poses at the end!

This match is three 5-minute rounds, for a total of 15 minutes of athletic mixed wrestling MMA domination.

DVD and Downloadable: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/vevegroundandpound/

And the trailer at Daily Motion:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Competitive Mixed Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Blazin Ben!

We sure have released a lot of F v F matches lately. Since we haven't released a competitive mixed match in a while, here's great one for you now.

VeVe Lane vs Blazin' Ben
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Fast and furious, Blazin' Ben comes blasting onto the mixed wrestling scene to challenge VeVe Lane.

Ben, a former high school wrestler, proves to be quite a handful for VeVe. But while Ben blazes in with power attacks, VeVe has a distinct edge when it comes to endurance.

A great match-up for size, speed, and competitiveness. Hard exertion, a great pace, and plenty of submissions to be had.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Blazin' Ben: 5'6" and 155 lbs.

This match is three 5-minute rounds, for a total of 15 minutes.
Most submissions wins.

Available as a download or on DVD. Full details here: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/veveben/

You can view the trailer here:

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rachel Sinclair vs Sherry Stunns! Competitive Female Wrestling

Hot off the presses: a sexy match between Rachel and Sherry from the June Showcase in NYC. And, also accompanying that, the match trailer, freshly uploaded to youtube. See below!
Rachel Sinclair vs Sherry Stunns
Female Submission Wrestling

Rachel and Sherry clash on the mats for a competitive showdown between wrestler/models!

The ladies battle it out in this sensual bout, using scissors, squeezing tie-ups, and sexy holds... and with a little bit flirting thrown in during lock-ups.

Despite their mutual groans and moans of exertion, in the end, only one would emerge victorious.

Rachel Sinclair: 5'8" and 135 lbs.
Sherry Stunns: 5'9" and 150 lbs.

This match is three rounds of 6 min and 30 seconds, for a total of 20 minutes.
Most submissions wins.
Filmed June 19, 2010, at the NYC Wrestling Showcase.

Available as a download or on DVD:

And catch the match trailer on YouTube here:

Doom Maidens Wrestling