Friday, June 18, 2010

UPDATE: New Wrestler for NYC Wrestling Showcase this Saturday

Breaking news: As of 6/16, guest wrestler Allana suffered a knee injury in training and is not in condition to compete at the NYC Wrestling Showcase this Saturday (June 19).

We searched, screened, and discussed at length, looking for a suitable replacement wrestler.

And the decision is in!
The Fight Card has been altered.

Be prepared for some excellent competitive action this Saturday!

We are pleased to introduce Lady J-Diesel, the female wrestler and BJJ grappler who has numerous legit tournament victories under her belt.

She has competed against men and women in legit competition, and so she is no stranger to competitive wrestling.

Lady J-Diesel is 5'8" and 158 lbs. She has been described as "very aggressive" and a tenacious fighter. She will be facing off against Dominique Danger and Jay at this Saturday's Showcase. Here's the new fight card, changes in bold:

2:00 pm - Rachel Sinclair vs Joe Jitsu
2:15 pm - Dominique Danger vs VeVe Lane
2:45 pm - Lady J-Diesel vs Jay
3:00 pm - Sherry Stunns vs Amazon Annie
3:30 pm - Clobberetta vs the Bulk
3:45 pm - Rachel vs Sherry
4:15 pm - Dominique Danger vs Lady J-Diesel

ALL of the above matches will be competitive (except for the Rachel vs JoeJitsu exhibition match).

We are updating the NYC Wrestling Showcase website as you read this. All changes will be reflected by the end of the day.

Though we are sorry to lose Allana as a guest wrestler, we are VERY excited to have such a talented grappler as Lady J-Diesel join us to fight against Dominique and Jay.


New NYC Wrestling Showcase URL:

See you Saturday!

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NYC Wrestling Showcase

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