Monday, June 21, 2010

Clobberetta vs the Bulk: Dynamic Heavyweight Mixed Wrestling

The first release from the June 19 NYC Wrestling Showcase:

Clobberetta vs the Bulk
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Since they first met, these two super heavyweight wrestlers have been trash talking each other non-stop. Now, they finally get their chance to take it to the mats.

A clash of the titans in the mixed wrestling arena!

And these two titans work HARD throughout their entire 10 minute match. They're trained, they're dynamic, they're powerhouses. And woe to the one who ever ends up on bottom... the wrestler on tops deals out a weighty punishment.

Clobberetta: 5'11" and 300 lbs
The Bulk: 6' and 260 lbs


This match is two 5-minute rounds, for a total of 10 minutes of competitive mixed wrestling.
A close match with a well-earned victory.

Currently available only as a download. The match will be available on DVD once other Showcase matches have been processed and added.



Doom Maidens Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling NYC

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