Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Wrestling Ladies at Doom Maidens (sneak peek)

Greetings Doom Maidens Fans,

While some of you are already familiar with the no-nonsense wrestler Clobberetta - one of the newest lady wrestlers here in NYC - I would also like to announce two more up-and-coming female wrestlers who have been training with us at Doom Maidens.

The Doom Maidens team is on the road right now, and I myself am posting from a public computer, so the pictures that should accompany this e-mail will be along tomorrow.

However, VeVe, Annie, Clobberetta, and I are eager to spread the word about the very excellent female and mixed wrestling training session that we hosted on last Thursday. We were joined by the latest additions to the wrestling team: Orlandoe and Ivy.

Orlandoe is a capoeira practitioner who specilizes in kicks (high kicks, spinning kicks, you name it) and acrobatics. She is originally from California and has just recently moved to New York City, where she has been training in submission wrestling and grappling, and preparing for her first fights under the Doom Maidens banner.

Ivy is a very sweet yet very tenacious lady who has just started her study of submission wrestling. She came down to the Grapple Den party on May 20, met VeVe, and from there jumped on board to learn about grappling with VeVe's Doom crew. Ivy comes from a background as a domme here in NYC, and she is now reaching into a more "hand-on" realm for physical rough handling.

Both of these ladies rolled together at our last training session, and they showed great ferocity in their training match. With that being said, we do look forward to capturing a video match up between them.

Keep you eyes peeled for upcoming photos, and a very nifty group photo that we shot at the session as well.

Doom Maidens Wrestling

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