Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wrestling Group Photos from Training

The NYC wrestling ladies have Hanz and the Bulk surrounded following their training session on Thursday evening.

Pictured (from left to right): VeVe, Orlandoe, Nica, Hanz Vanderkill, Amazon Annie, Clobberetta (in back), and Ivy.


And for fun: Orlandoe catching Hanz in a triangle choke:


And Annie posing for good measure:


Training sessions are always an experience to be had!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Wrestling Ladies at Doom Maidens (sneak peek)

Greetings Doom Maidens Fans,

While some of you are already familiar with the no-nonsense wrestler Clobberetta - one of the newest lady wrestlers here in NYC - I would also like to announce two more up-and-coming female wrestlers who have been training with us at Doom Maidens.

The Doom Maidens team is on the road right now, and I myself am posting from a public computer, so the pictures that should accompany this e-mail will be along tomorrow.

However, VeVe, Annie, Clobberetta, and I are eager to spread the word about the very excellent female and mixed wrestling training session that we hosted on last Thursday. We were joined by the latest additions to the wrestling team: Orlandoe and Ivy.

Orlandoe is a capoeira practitioner who specilizes in kicks (high kicks, spinning kicks, you name it) and acrobatics. She is originally from California and has just recently moved to New York City, where she has been training in submission wrestling and grappling, and preparing for her first fights under the Doom Maidens banner.

Ivy is a very sweet yet very tenacious lady who has just started her study of submission wrestling. She came down to the Grapple Den party on May 20, met VeVe, and from there jumped on board to learn about grappling with VeVe's Doom crew. Ivy comes from a background as a domme here in NYC, and she is now reaching into a more "hand-on" realm for physical rough handling.

Both of these ladies rolled together at our last training session, and they showed great ferocity in their training match. With that being said, we do look forward to capturing a video match up between them.

Keep you eyes peeled for upcoming photos, and a very nifty group photo that we shot at the session as well.

Doom Maidens Wrestling

Thursday, May 20, 2010

VeVe vs Jenny: REMATCH - Bikini and Gi - intense and sweaty!

In honor of Jenny Sjodin's return to New York City on June 8-14, we are releasing....

VeVe Lane vs Jenny Sjodin: The REMATCH!! (Twice the Sweat!)
Competitive Female Wrestling: Thong Bikini and Uniform

VeVe and Jenny met for a rematch in New York City, following their Showcase bout in January 2010. But this bout was special:

This battle lasted for 40 minutes and features VeVe in her tiniest thong bikini ever.
The ladies fight for 20 sweaty minutes in thong bikinis. Then, with only a few minutes of rest, they don jiujutsu uniforms (gi) over their bikinis to do battle for another 20 minutes.

A sweaty, intense, and exhausting competitive match between two skilled female grapplers!

This REMATCH is a total of 4 rounds, each 10 minutes long.

That's 40 minutes of fighting!
2 rounds in bikini (20 minutes)
2 rounds in uniform (20 minutes)

Available in downloadable or DVD form. You can choose Bikini rounds only (20 min) or the full match (40 min) for downloadables.


Doom Maidens Videographer

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battle of the Sizes: VeVe vs Bulk Trailer is Up!

The Battle of the Sizes!

The Bulk and VeVe have always been at odds with each other, never quite seeing eye to eye, you know. We just released the full match video, and now we've got a trailer to go along with it - a little inspiration for the Bulk for his upcoming match at the NYC Wrestling Showcase in June.

So, here's the VeVe vs Bulk trailer, hot off the presses:

And, here's the full match at

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazon Annie Session Review May 2010

Review written May 2010.
Annie Amazon and I had a fully competitive match recently. She is pretty, muscular, very powerful, and nice. We had a great match with some timed rounds and some that lasted just until submission.

Though I gained the first two submissions she was the hardest to submit EVER. She then choked me to the point of near unconsciousness before I tapped. Then she extended the time limit ever so slightly to gain a submission with a Kimura that evened out the match.

I cannot wait for a rematch, which will happen this summer I hope!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amazon Annie Smashes Her Pro-Wrestling Opponent! Mixed Match Video

It's now out: Annie's first "Amazon Annie Productions" mixed wrestling domination video:

Amazon Annie vs the Brovich Stalin
Mixed Wrestling Domination

Amazon Annie was recently challenged by Brovich Stalin, a sinister heel from the Pro-wrestling world. Annie not only took his challenge, but offered both a smile and a smirk to his request.

As the 15-minute, action-packed video unfolds, Brovich quickly realizes that he is up for a beating, and Annie uses her submission skills to crush his paltry stunt skills. Quickly the fighting becomes a game of cat and mouse as Annie shows Brovich who has the upper hand.

But, don't think it was an easy conquest, as Annie still has to work hard to get her stubborn opponent knocked into compliance.

See the Queen of Squeeze in all her splendor, with her good-nature physicality, as she takes on down this prankster of a wrestler.

Amazon Annie: 6' tall and 200 lbs Brovich Stalin: 6' tall and 180 lbs

Match is three 5-minute rounds, plus intro and conclusion
Video running time: 18 min

Now at Doom Maidens:

And the trailer:

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazon Annie Crushes Challenger Brovich Stalin! Mixed Wrestling.

Amazon Annie received a challenge from the fool-hardy Brovich Stalin, an evil masked wrestler with a tendency for garbage talkin'! Although the Queen of Squeeze laughed at the puny challenger, she also accepted the match... with a big smile on her face!

This video match introduces Annie's own pro-style trash talkin' (most like Amazonian fight talk!) and is a special Amazon Annie Production. The full match will be in the Doom Maidens video store on Wednesday, May 12, but for now, we are pleased to share the video trailer:

She's got a great smile, but she'll also crush the living daylights out of you! Enjoy!

Doom Maidens Wrestling

Sunday, May 2, 2010

VeVe Lane vs the Bulk: Mixed Wrestling Match

Just released: a match between to arch rivals which took place a few short days following the January 23 NYC Wrestling Showcase....

VeVe Lane vs the Bulk
Mixed Wrestling

The Bulk and VeVe have always been at odds with each other, and they had met in wrestling combat before, but both had always claimed victory over the other. Now we'll see once and for all who can claim decisive victory, since this match is on video!

The Bulk comes in for a competitive bout, thinking to use his tremendous size advantage against the petite female wrestler. But VeVe uses her speed, agility, and artful submission skills to even up the odds.

It started out competitive, but once VeVe's endurance proved the better, Bulk faced a HUGE struggle to survive the final round.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 125 lbs
The Bulk: 6' and 300 lbs

Full details and full match available here:

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