Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tough Competitive Mixed Wrestling Match: VeVe vs Brooklyn Surfer

We've just released on of VeVe's competitive mixed matches from the NYC Wrestling Showcase weekend, back in January. This one was a tough battle...

VeVe Lane vs Brooklyn Surfer
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

VeVe accepts a challenge from Brooklyn Surfer, a very experienced folk-style wrestler. VeVe finds herself in a number of dangerous situations during this match. Some she's able to escape, but others.... This one really makes her hustle.

VeVe Lane says:
"This match was a lot of fun and VERY challenging for me. It pitted my grappling skills against the Surfer's excellent freestyle background, and against such a slim, quick, and agile guy, my key weapons of light weight and speed brought no advantage! A very close fight against one of the best opponents I've faced!"

VeVe's stats: 5'4" tall and 125 lbs
Brooklyn Surfer: 5'8" tall and 153 lbs

Match is two 5-minute rounds (10 minutes total)

Get the full match here, available as a download or DVD:

And view the trailer here:


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