Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amazon Annie Queen of Squeeze!

Hello y'all!

Amazon Annie here, writing to present my new, personal action packed blog: Amazon Annie: Queen of Squeeze!

(Not that you won't get your good dose of the Amazon here, but as with every Amazon, there's so much of us to love! One not could possibly fit it all into one blog!)

Speaking of which, if you're looking to get large doses of amazon...this Grapple Den party is going to be hosted by yours truly! Not only this, it is going to be jungle themed! Full of large tigers and bears and oh my! female wrestlers!

Come dressed as one of these ferocious animals, and you will glide one past the doorman like a snake in a river!

The date of this primeval free for all is Thursday, February 18th at our much loved location Tagine, in Hell's kitchen at 10 pm.

Save the date, keep your wits and for the love!, keep your strength, because this is going to be BARBARIC!

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