Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veronica Vicious Session Wrestler Review

A session wrestling review for Veronica Vicious. From her wb270 profile:

"I met Veronica Vicious at one of the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties and was immediately taken by her. She is absolutely stunning.

A couple of days later we agreed to a private session and I can say unequivocally that she is the real deal and has a fun, playful personality to match her amazing grappling skills. Veronica is not a BB type but she is incredibly fit and strong. Plus it’s obvious that she genuinely loves to wrestle. Once she gets them around you, her legs and arms are like steel and there is no getting out until she decides to let you out.

I’m at least 50 pounds heavier and about 4 inches taller than Veronica but she pinned or forced me to submit at will. I enthusiastically recommend her. I also recommend the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties should you live in or find yourself visiting NYC on the right date.

Veronica Vicious can be reached through her Doom Maidens wrestler profile.

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