Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Session Review for Amazon Annie

A review we came across on wb270 for session wrestler Amazon Annie of Doom Maidens.

"I had a excellent time with Annie /She has a beautiful personality and does not rush you /She does everything you request to perfection and she is deceivingly strong like a bull /you get easily fooled because she does not have the ripped look of a bodybuilder but boy was I fooled /she is as strong as any bodybuilder type I wrestled in the past and probably even stronger /at 26 years of age and 6 foot height and having grown up in the mountains country atmosphere she is like trying to move a tank out your way /just impossible / at the end of the 30 minute session I was wiped out and winded while she looked like she never lifted a finger/ she showed my 50 year old male butt who's boss and who truly is the weaker sex"

Amazon Annie can be found through DoomMaidens.com, via her wrestler profile page.


  1. Amazon Annie's size, strength and athleticism will overwhelm most men. Her giant legs are insanely strong and her scissors are deadly.

  2. In addition to her physical attributes and abilities, Annie takes the time to learn what you want from your session experience and delivers those wishes. Her communication skills about setting setting up the session are impeccable. She is very feminine and curvy with movie star looks but bottom line is she kicks ass! I highly recommend Annie to both new comers to session wrestling and old timers alike. You get good value for your dollar.