Thursday, November 19, 2009

Veronica Vicious Comments on Her Match with Dr. DJ

We recently announced on the DoomMaidens yahoogroup about "Veronica Vicious Thrashes Dr. DJ." To this announcement, Veronica responds as follows:


This match with Dr DJ is one of my favorites!! Many fans say that this is the video in which I demonstrate the best wrestling techniques. They also say I have the most chemistry with my opponent here- and I think so too. I find Dr DJ very sexy, and thrashing him is DELICIOUS for me!! Hmm, perhaps we're due for a rematch?

Ferally yours,
Veronica Vicious

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veronica Vicious Session Wrestler Review

A session wrestling review for Veronica Vicious. From her wb270 profile:

"I met Veronica Vicious at one of the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties and was immediately taken by her. She is absolutely stunning.

A couple of days later we agreed to a private session and I can say unequivocally that she is the real deal and has a fun, playful personality to match her amazing grappling skills. Veronica is not a BB type but she is incredibly fit and strong. Plus it’s obvious that she genuinely loves to wrestle. Once she gets them around you, her legs and arms are like steel and there is no getting out until she decides to let you out.

I’m at least 50 pounds heavier and about 4 inches taller than Veronica but she pinned or forced me to submit at will. I enthusiastically recommend her. I also recommend the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties should you live in or find yourself visiting NYC on the right date.

Veronica Vicious can be reached through her Doom Maidens wrestler profile.

Session Review for Amazon Annie

A review we came across on wb270 for session wrestler Amazon Annie of Doom Maidens.

"I had a excellent time with Annie /She has a beautiful personality and does not rush you /She does everything you request to perfection and she is deceivingly strong like a bull /you get easily fooled because she does not have the ripped look of a bodybuilder but boy was I fooled /she is as strong as any bodybuilder type I wrestled in the past and probably even stronger /at 26 years of age and 6 foot height and having grown up in the mountains country atmosphere she is like trying to move a tank out your way /just impossible / at the end of the 30 minute session I was wiped out and winded while she looked like she never lifted a finger/ she showed my 50 year old male butt who's boss and who truly is the weaker sex"

Amazon Annie can be found through, via her wrestler profile page.

Session Review for VeVe Lane

Here is a recent wrestling session review about VeVe Lane, written in Fall 2009:

9/09: " I followed my usual pattern by beginning with some semi-comp. She is small, but her quickness and clever transition moves allow her to handle far larger opponents with ease.

Her dedication to training really shows in her ability to hold you off and wait you out until she finds her opportunity to go in for the kill. Her stamina is phenomenal. You can get on top of her, but you won't be there for very long.

I have always liked the sensation of big ladies outmuscling me into submissions. VeVe has educated me to LOVE the way that a smaller woman can efficiently employ superior technique and intelligence to achieve the same result. Don't miss out on this thrill if you have never experienced it! After forty minutes of being completely controlled by her, I decided to take a break.

While I rested the wiry, athletic, grappling girl transformed herself into a lingerie clad scissor goddess. The look might have changed, but the same impressive skills remained. She knew exactly where and how to apply the pressure. No quick squeeze and tap outs with VeVe. She will hold you right at your limit for as long as you can take it.

...And just in case you think that I am saying that she isn't strong, book her and see for yourself. When you need time to catch your breath, she will engage you with her captivating wit that the other testimonials here on the WB 270 have touched upon. She finished my session with a role play fantasy segment that perfectly completed her unique display of astonishing athleticism and cunning charm. You won't find a better blend of wiry athleticism and exquisite femininity. "

Monday, November 2, 2009

VeVe's Figure Contest Photos

From VeVe Lane's recent posting on the Doom Maidens yahoogroup:

Hi, Everyone,

I've gotten just a few of the photos from my contest on Saturday posted to the Doom Maidens and VeVe Lane Yahoo groups. Go to the group's page and view the "new photos."

These photos are trickling out...or perhaps you could say they're being served in courses. More to follow, but here's an appetizer!

- VeVe

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You Can find a collection of VeVe's figure contest photos in the Photos section of our YahooGroup, here: DoomMaidens YahooGroup Photos