Monday, October 5, 2009

VeVe vs Kim: The REMATCH! Video

VeVe vs Kim: The REMATCH! It's on!!
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VeVe Lane vs Kim of Italy: The REMATCH!!
Competitive Female Wrestling

Kim returns to New York City to take VeVe to the mats again in their continuing grappling war! They met for their first match 6 months ago. Both ladies have been training very hard since then. And now, the test...

This is a fantastically competitive match between two skilled female opponents of nearly equal weight.

The heat is on, the sweat is pouring, it's tense and full of SUSPENSE! These focused female fighters are battling to win!

They fight for five 5-minute rounds, for a total of 25 minutes of submission wrestling.
Kim wears her sporty bikini and VeVe wears her thong bikini. Watch for clinch work, great choke attempts, and continuous back-and-forth action!

Also included as a special feature is a brief post-wrestling arm wrestling match between the ladies!

Available as a DVD or download.


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