Monday, October 19, 2009

VeVe Lane vs Jay: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Match Video

Now in the Doom Maidens video store....

VeVe Lane vs Jay
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

In this exciting and dynamic wrestling battle, VeVe Lane takes on Jay, a fresh, young grappler and challenger.

Jay weighs in at 170 lbs at 5'11"
VeVe tips the scales at 115 lbs at 5'4" for this battle.
And she's been leaning out for an upcoming figure contest.

This highly athletic match puts both competitors in danger of numerous submission attempts. Truly competitive, skillful mixed wrestling action, with attempted chokes, arm bars, shoulder locks, triangles, foot locks, and takedowns. Both athletes are looking for the win!

Match is four 5-minute rounds
Video running time: 22 min, 4 sec.

DVD and Download both available.

View the Trailer on YouTube:


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