Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Cheer from the Doom Maidens!

VeVe Lane and Amazon Annie (and Veronica's stand-in, since she herself is out of town for the holidays), put on some holiday silliness to present you with a little video. Very candid and shot on the evening of December 22, 2009.

Unscripted! ... height comparisons?? Impromptu! ... lift and carry? See for yourself.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Punishing Mixed Wrestling Match! VeVe vs "ShortFuse" Mark

It started out as a competitive mixed wrestling match....
... and then she started to destroy him.

VeVe Lane vs "Short Fuse" Mark
Athletic Domination Mixed Wrestling
December 2009

Mark, an ambitious featherweight novice wrestler, challenges VeVe Lane to a match. He tries his luck and tries his best, but he quickly finds himself in over his head!

VeVe, in her classic thong bikini, gets brutal on her hapless opponent. She tosses him like a rag doll and punishes him with throws, chokes, armbars, joint locks, and positional domination.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 123 lbs
"Short Fuse" Mark: 5'9" and 135 lbs

Now in our Doom Maidens video store!

Downloadable and DVD available.

Special Note *** The DVD version of VeVe vs "ShortFuse" Mark also includes the 2008 video of "VeVe vs judoboy" (details about VeVe vs judoboy), another fine Athletic Domination Mixed Wrestling match.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Session Review for Amazon Annie (Mixed Wrestling)

A session review for Amazon Annie from November 2009. Including some review notes for Doom Maidens Wrestling, as a whole:

"...Regrets, I've had a few, but then again..."

...My only regret about my recent first ever mixed wrestling session with the absolutely delightful Amazon Annie of the equally wonderful Doom Maidens is: That I didn't know about them on their first day of business and am not known by them as "Valued and Beloved Client #00001"!

They made me feel like I was exactly that, however. First off, I misunderstood the initial contact procedure and sent way too big of a deposit. The booking agent, sent me an email saying he was confused about the amount; about two minutes later a full refund came through with more detailed instructions!

As a newcomer to both the internet and sessions, I instantly knew I had stumbled upon the right people. My subsequent phone call with him added greatly to this feeling. I told him I needed somebody who would take it very, very easy on me. I am 50 years old, out of shape; moreover I had hernia surgery about 15 years ago; to top it off a bad right ankle-and I was recently diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knees!

Additionally I wanted to be able to talk with my 'opponent' (very little opposition from me!), and just have some fun, light wrestling with an emphasis on lifting moves, some lifting and carrying...

The booking agent assured me I had picked the right person."She's a real sweetheart!", he said, but very strong and a very skilled wrestler. I let him know I was very nervous, and also told him (true) that I am a world class klutz (clumsy for non speakers of Yiddish). Again I was reassured. Then Annie called me herself, and we set it up.

Having found Amazon Annie and Doom Maidens on the Valkyrie's 270 site, I read all the advice there very carefully, and it and a few other things I had read lately helped immensely. I adopted the following attitude: I may be paying for this session, but it's just as much hers as it is mine; even more so in a couple of ways.

First, I will be a guest at her facility (and I'd better act accordingly,on best behavior!); second, she has done this before, I have not; third, she may be as nervous, or even more so at meeting somebody new (a new client-and there is always her safety factor to consider)... I believe this ended up helping me greatly.

Of course, the day of, I woke up late...but I called the booking agent right away (guys, if you're going to be late, call), we worked it out, then...I got a little lost in Brooklyn; Annie's knowledge of the area got me there. When I finally met her- WOW! There is something I like to call the 'Million Watt Smile'-hers was off the charts! Gorgeous!I have always loved tall, strong women, and she certainly is that! A sweetheart? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!!

We spent the first ten minutes talking... well, her talking, me babbling like a teen age kid-while she carried me around the room on her back! Then some shoulder carries, some bearhugs, then I did a little "flying"... she let me rest as much as I needed (which was kind of a lot) Then we did some ground grappling, something I had not originally intended to do much of, but... I really enjoyed it so much more than I had thought possible!

Folks, Annie is very, very, very strong, and an incredibly skilled wrestler!!! We never set a 'safety word', but we really didn't need one. She knew through instinct, experience, or both, that when I started squealing like a puppy it was time to ease up a little! She controlled her strength and power beautifully with me while we kept up a very playful banter... enough details, I basically had the time of my life! As a bonus, Annie and I have talked about her being my new 'wrestling centered' personal fitness trainer! I can't wait to get started!

As a bonus, I got to meet one of Doom Maidens founders, VeVe Lane! Another sweetheart- and the only little bit of 'male dominance' I showed was when she finally gave in and let me pay for her dinner! My way of saying Thank You - and I say again:

Thank you, Annie for a great session; Thank you VeVe and Veronica for Doom Maidens; Thank you to the booking agent for your help and patience; you'll be hearing from me shortly! Jack

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Veronica Vicious Comments on Her Match with Dr. DJ

We recently announced on the DoomMaidens yahoogroup about "Veronica Vicious Thrashes Dr. DJ." To this announcement, Veronica responds as follows:


This match with Dr DJ is one of my favorites!! Many fans say that this is the video in which I demonstrate the best wrestling techniques. They also say I have the most chemistry with my opponent here- and I think so too. I find Dr DJ very sexy, and thrashing him is DELICIOUS for me!! Hmm, perhaps we're due for a rematch?

Ferally yours,
Veronica Vicious

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veronica Vicious Session Wrestler Review

A session wrestling review for Veronica Vicious. From her wb270 profile:

"I met Veronica Vicious at one of the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties and was immediately taken by her. She is absolutely stunning.

A couple of days later we agreed to a private session and I can say unequivocally that she is the real deal and has a fun, playful personality to match her amazing grappling skills. Veronica is not a BB type but she is incredibly fit and strong. Plus it’s obvious that she genuinely loves to wrestle. Once she gets them around you, her legs and arms are like steel and there is no getting out until she decides to let you out.

I’m at least 50 pounds heavier and about 4 inches taller than Veronica but she pinned or forced me to submit at will. I enthusiastically recommend her. I also recommend the Grapple Den Wrestling Parties should you live in or find yourself visiting NYC on the right date.

Veronica Vicious can be reached through her Doom Maidens wrestler profile.

Session Review for Amazon Annie

A review we came across on wb270 for session wrestler Amazon Annie of Doom Maidens.

"I had a excellent time with Annie /She has a beautiful personality and does not rush you /She does everything you request to perfection and she is deceivingly strong like a bull /you get easily fooled because she does not have the ripped look of a bodybuilder but boy was I fooled /she is as strong as any bodybuilder type I wrestled in the past and probably even stronger /at 26 years of age and 6 foot height and having grown up in the mountains country atmosphere she is like trying to move a tank out your way /just impossible / at the end of the 30 minute session I was wiped out and winded while she looked like she never lifted a finger/ she showed my 50 year old male butt who's boss and who truly is the weaker sex"

Amazon Annie can be found through, via her wrestler profile page.

Session Review for VeVe Lane

Here is a recent wrestling session review about VeVe Lane, written in Fall 2009:

9/09: " I followed my usual pattern by beginning with some semi-comp. She is small, but her quickness and clever transition moves allow her to handle far larger opponents with ease.

Her dedication to training really shows in her ability to hold you off and wait you out until she finds her opportunity to go in for the kill. Her stamina is phenomenal. You can get on top of her, but you won't be there for very long.

I have always liked the sensation of big ladies outmuscling me into submissions. VeVe has educated me to LOVE the way that a smaller woman can efficiently employ superior technique and intelligence to achieve the same result. Don't miss out on this thrill if you have never experienced it! After forty minutes of being completely controlled by her, I decided to take a break.

While I rested the wiry, athletic, grappling girl transformed herself into a lingerie clad scissor goddess. The look might have changed, but the same impressive skills remained. She knew exactly where and how to apply the pressure. No quick squeeze and tap outs with VeVe. She will hold you right at your limit for as long as you can take it.

...And just in case you think that I am saying that she isn't strong, book her and see for yourself. When you need time to catch your breath, she will engage you with her captivating wit that the other testimonials here on the WB 270 have touched upon. She finished my session with a role play fantasy segment that perfectly completed her unique display of astonishing athleticism and cunning charm. You won't find a better blend of wiry athleticism and exquisite femininity. "

Monday, November 2, 2009

VeVe's Figure Contest Photos

From VeVe Lane's recent posting on the Doom Maidens yahoogroup:

Hi, Everyone,

I've gotten just a few of the photos from my contest on Saturday posted to the Doom Maidens and VeVe Lane Yahoo groups. Go to the group's page and view the "new photos."

These photos are trickling out...or perhaps you could say they're being served in courses. More to follow, but here's an appetizer!

- VeVe

Look me up on...
My Website:

You Can find a collection of VeVe's figure contest photos in the Photos section of our YahooGroup, here: DoomMaidens YahooGroup Photos

Monday, October 19, 2009

VeVe Lane vs Jay: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Match Video

Now in the Doom Maidens video store....

VeVe Lane vs Jay
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

In this exciting and dynamic wrestling battle, VeVe Lane takes on Jay, a fresh, young grappler and challenger.

Jay weighs in at 170 lbs at 5'11"
VeVe tips the scales at 115 lbs at 5'4" for this battle.
And she's been leaning out for an upcoming figure contest.

This highly athletic match puts both competitors in danger of numerous submission attempts. Truly competitive, skillful mixed wrestling action, with attempted chokes, arm bars, shoulder locks, triangles, foot locks, and takedowns. Both athletes are looking for the win!

Match is four 5-minute rounds
Video running time: 22 min, 4 sec.

DVD and Download both available.

View the Trailer on YouTube:


Doom Maidens Wrestling
Female and Mixed Wrestling Videos

Monday, October 5, 2009

VeVe's Figure Competition

In case anyone who cares is unaware, VeVe will be competing in a figure contest on Oct 24.

A figure contest is like a bodybuilding contest, except without the SUPER HUGE aspect. It is like a fitness athlete contest, except without the fitness-dance routine aspect. There is a lot of leaning out, posing, and looking sleek and well defined involved. There is also the wearing of some very skimpy "outfit" and some very high heeled shoes.

I figured that people around these parts would perhaps be interested in seeing photos of that, when the time comes!

This is her very first attempt at a figure competition. She is quite excited about trying it!

VeVe vs Kim: The REMATCH! Video

VeVe vs Kim: The REMATCH! It's on!!
Current mood: sweaty

VeVe Lane vs Kim of Italy: The REMATCH!!
Competitive Female Wrestling

Kim returns to New York City to take VeVe to the mats again in their continuing grappling war! They met for their first match 6 months ago. Both ladies have been training very hard since then. And now, the test...

This is a fantastically competitive match between two skilled female opponents of nearly equal weight.

The heat is on, the sweat is pouring, it's tense and full of SUSPENSE! These focused female fighters are battling to win!

They fight for five 5-minute rounds, for a total of 25 minutes of submission wrestling.
Kim wears her sporty bikini and VeVe wears her thong bikini. Watch for clinch work, great choke attempts, and continuous back-and-forth action!

Also included as a special feature is a brief post-wrestling arm wrestling match between the ladies!

Available as a DVD or download.


Doom Maidens Wrestling
Female and Mixed Wrestling Videos

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Veronica Vicious storms Prague and Berlin!

From Veronica:

Big news friends and fans!

I, the world-reknowned Veronica Vicious, am attacking Prague this week and Berlin next!
I will only be available for sessions for one day in each city!
If you enjoy competitive sporty wrestling sessions, semicompetitive wrestling, fantasy domination wrestling, foot worship, role play, trash talking, or playful domination, I would love to give you the session of your life!!

I will choose one day in Prague for sessions between Sept 29-Oct 4. I will choose one day in Berlin for sessions between Oct 6-12.

I will be very busy in each city and only available for sessions for 1 day for each, so there will be a lot of competition! Please email me a respectful email letting me know the following:
*which days and times you would be available on my trip- don't let me know just your preferred day, as I may need to accommodate many requests and find the best day for all
*what kind of session you would like
*whether you have done other sessions
*if you have a suggested location-I have no location in Prague so far and may do housecalls if i do not find a space and you live on public transportation.

Do you think you can take on the Vicious Delicious??? Are you man enough? Check my video clips below, and if you are feeling brave, email me and we'll set up the session of your life!

Veronica Vicious

*In Prague Sept 29-Oct 5, Berlin Oct 5-12!
*New York's Village Voice says about watching my videos: "Whether as role model or wank material, the spunky Vicious will brighten your day."
*Check me out on youtube!
*Get on my email list for updates here:
*Think you'll do better than these chumps! Book a session fool, and get schooled!

More from VeVe in London. Day 2.

Here's more word from VeVe about her matches at Monica's tournament in London. We've also been twittering about it on the Doom Maidens Twitter.

Sept 26: VeVe says: "...the filming today was good. I fought Jenny of Manchester, which was a terrific fight and I believe everyone's favorite. We ended up with a draw, though... And I fought Anita again after she was very tired and slaughtered her... Total sporty f v. f..."


Here's a link to Monica's Wrestling Centre, where this London underground tournament is taking place. Here's a blurb from Monica's site:

"26 September is looking great, with a fantastic line-up of wrestling talent. The incredible NY grappler Vetiver Lane from the Doom Maidens has just confirmed, and the legendary Robin from LA is raising sponsorship for what might be her last competitive match! It's to be with our very own Lina, and is set to be a classic! The beautiful Mutiny from Montreal has confirmed, along with new girl Kim who's one of the brightest new wrestling talents. Then there's awesome all-round fighter Jenny Sjödin: pro wrestler, bjj grappler, submission wrestler “ watch out! Regrettably, Reni is unable to come but is replaced by ANITA, who's flying over with Zsuzsa, two more wrestling sensations from Hungary! Don't miss out on this awesome Event; it will be a long time before this much talent is assembled again. Call Monica on 0788 187 2505 or email MWC now! "

Looks like there's some good stuff going on in London this weekend!


Doom Maidens Female and Mixed Wrestling! |

VeVe Reports, continued. VeVe's entry.

Thanks for passing that on! I'm just gearing up for second day of fighting and first day of the official event with live audience. That should make for a much more intense day than yesterday.
I'm heading down to the hotel breakfast for a good meal because I think once we get started today, all I'm going to get is those awesome British digestive biscuits to fuel me through at least three tough matches.

Supposedly, I'm in the last fight -- the "main event" -- of this tournament. Very flattering! This was supposed to be match with Kim, but she wasn't able to make it at the last minute due to plane trouble. So now my main event fight will be with Jenny of Manchester. I saw her roll yesterday, and she's got a nice, well-rounded game. And a size advantage over me -- of course!

More updates after the fights, if only my computer battery and the sketchy hotel internet connection hold out!

- VeVe

VeVe Reports from London

As some of you know, VeVe is currently in London!

She just arrived on Friday and she will be staying until Tuesday.

She's participating in a tournament at Monica's and shooting videos for Mixed Wrestling Zone. I will forward some of her latest twitter updates:

3 pm EST: "In London. Had first tournament video match against Anita of Hungary. Nearly smothered her in her hair, but she got revenge with headlocks!"

Apparently that was VeVe's first match and first victory so far. We eagerly await further news.

Veronica Vicious' Tickle Wrestling Match!

We've just added our latest video to the Doom Maidens Wrestling video store: a special treat from Ms. Veronica Vicious...

Veronica's Tickling Mixed Wrestling Domination
Veronica Vicious fights dirty! She brings merciless tickling into play in this mixed wrestling domination match up!

While applying crushing scissors, triangles, and armbars, gaining the mount on her victim and taunting him brutally, Veronica also tickles the living daylights out of him. She keeps him locked in place as she tickles his arm pits, neck, body, and especially his feet! All with classic Veronica Vicious style trash talking!

Running Time: 22 min, 51 sec

Veronica's Tickling Mixed Wrestling Domination

Best Regards,
Doom Maidens Wrestling
Female and Mixed Wrestling Videos

Welcome to our DOOM Wrestling blog. First post!

It's high time we Doom Maidens wrestlers got ourselves a spot on blogger, aka blogspot. And, well, here it is. Stay tuned for more posts to come.

And by the way... happy October!

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