Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Competitive and Shiny: VeVe vs Jason

VeVe Lane vs Jason
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
January 2014

VeVe and Jason face off in a straight-up competitive mixed wrestling match! VeVe suits up in her thong leotard and shiny tights for the occasion.

Jason has always displayed a great rough-and-tumble style, so VeVe was curious to give him a try. He wrestled in grade school and hasn't trained since then, but he does have good wrestling instincts, good strength, and a lot of spirit.

Full of gusto, Jason plows forward, forcing VeVe to get creative with her holds and counters. But as he tries his best and fights for top position, VeVe takes advantage of the weaknesses in his raw, instinctive style. She uses her legs to hook and control her larger opponent, while also showing off her shiny tights. She confounds him with her skill, locking him up in crucifix holds, a variety of triangles, armbars, chokes, and even a head scissors.

Although he is submitted multiple times, Jason does not give up. Despite his obviously increasing exhaustion, he keeps trying... until time expires and he just can't move any more. Still full of energy, VeVe takes advantage of her spent opponent by reverse facesitting him and flexing in celebration of her victory.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Jason: 5'9" and 190 lbs.

Match is two 10-minute rounds
Total running time: 23 minutes

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mixed Judo Pins: Immobilizing Holds

Judo pins match....

Immobilizing Holds
VeVe Lane and Diablo

Sensei Diablo invites his student VeVe to a "pins-only" judo match, since VeVe had done so well in her lessons on immobilizing holds. The aim is to immobilize the opponent for a full 20-second count.

The match begins on cordial terms, and Sensei Diablo traps VeVe in numerous immobilizing positions. He struggles to control VeVe, but does score a few 20-count pins. However, it's much harder than he expects. 
VeVe escapes more often than she is pinned, and she even manages to catch Diablo in pins of her own, forcing him to him indignantly fights his way free. Diablo becomes increasingly frustrated as he finds VeVe so difficult to control, and he gets much rougher with her as he becomes more angry. He works harder and more forcefully, pinning her with judo holds, knee-on-belly, and a school boy pins, but VeVe always escapes before he reaches 20.

VeVe takes advantage of his growing anger, causing him to make a mistake and trapping him with a strong crucifix hold. Diablo struggles desperately, but VeVe holds him for the full 20 seconds! Dishonored, Diablo refuses to admit defeat, so VeVe gi-chokes him until he concedes.

With his uniform undone and belt lost on the mats, the sensei lies humiliated as his student VeVe removes her jacket, sits astride him, and strikes a prolonged flexing victory pose.
Total running time: 29 minutes

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

VeVe vs Adrian: Rematch 2014. Competitive Mixed Wrestling

VeVe vs Adrian: Rematch 2014
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
January 2014

VeVe and Adrian clash once again in this fully competitive mixed wrestling rematch! Adrian hasn't been training, but he is determined to start the new year with some submissions against the Petite Powerhouse.
He comes on hard, throwing his weight around to meet VeVe's high energy. But despite Adrian's energetic attempts, he struggles to hold on to his crafty opponent. VeVe turns Adrian's force against him, reversing him and demonstrating that unfocused power can be a liability against a skilled grappler. 

After his initial fiery attacks are turned aside, Adrian's stamina soon fades. He put so much energy into the first exchanges, only to be countered, submitted, and exhausted. But Adrian fights on regardless. VeVe teases him for his lack of fitness, defeating his weak attacks, laughing at him, and submitting him even more. She catches him with armbars, chokeholds, shoulder locks, grapevines, a triangle, head scissors, and even a body scissors.

VeVe's skill and fitness clearly surpass Adrian's, and Adrian's size "advantage" proves no advantage here. VeVe taunts him to keep trying, but his attempts are useless. He's just so worn down that he can barely move. She quickly takes advantage and torments him with humiliatingly painful holds, finally finishing with a victory pose. ... Adrian's got some resolutions to make!

Running time: 25 minutes

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tap-Out Lesson with VeVe and Honey LWS

Tap-Out Lesson
VeVe Lane and Honey LWS
September 2013

VeVe's been hearing some complaints that Honey's been going too hard on her jiujitsu opponents. Apparently Honey hasn't been letting them go after they submit and tap out. So VeVe decides to teach Honey a lesson...

VeVe works Honey over with a variety of painful holds and locks, showing Honey just how much it hurts to be stuck in these submissions. Honey taps out repeatedly, but VeVe is simply not convinced that Honey truly understands - Honey insists on talking back and denying that she did anything wrong. And so, VeVe continues to work Honey over, putting her through prolonged holds, scolding her for being mean to her previous opponents, and making her submit over and over.

VeVe uses the following holds: mounted triangles, arm bars, the double arm bar, head scissors, Lotus Lock, shoulder locks, grapevine, chokehold, body scissors, triangle, knee bar, reverse triangle, and more. These holds are often repeated throughout and performed with variations. Finally satisfied after 30 minutes of berating and tormenting, VeVe declares that Honey has learned her lesson. She poses over Honey with one foot on Honey's throat and then leaves her lying on the mats.

Running time: 30 minutes

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Female Agent Pantyhose Duel: VeVe and Candy

Female Agent Duel
VeVe Lane vs Candy pain
January 2014

Syndicate Agent VeVe unexpectedly runs into rookie Agent Candy while on a covert mission. VeVe has claimed this mission for herself, and she doesn't appreciate Candy butting in on her territory.

The two agents decide to settle their dispute in the traditional Syndicate manner: by combat! They engage and hit the ground in a tangle of nylon-clad legs.

The ladies attack each other with head scissors, body scissors, triangles, leg-bending holds, grapevines, pins, a facesit and a lotus lock. As they battle, the ladies wrap their legs around each other as much as they can, fighting like true Syndicate members should.

As the fight wears on, VeVe gains the advantage and incapacitates Candy with a chokehold. VeVe then hogties her defeated opponent. Once Candy realizes what's happening, the tie is already secure. Ignoring Candy's distress, VeVe finishes her off with a duct tape gag, She then poses over the poor, bound rookie before leaving her alone and embarrassed.

Total running time: 18:13

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Agent Indra: Lethal Leotards Syndicate

Agent Indra
Mixed Domination Scenario
Lethal Leotards Syndicate. December 2013

Agent Indra has infiltrated the local police force in order to personally shut down an investigation into one of the Syndicate's hide outs. 

Posing as a detective, Indra accompanies Detective Thrash to the location. Thrash is skeptical that this organization of women can really take down so many male victims, but Indra is ready to show him how it is done...

Thrash soon finds himself stripped to his underwear, bound into a hogtie, and gagged with pantyhose. Indra strips off her detective attire into her black leotard and pantyhose, revealing her true colors to her former colleague. Then, using her own characteristic style, Indra proceeds to weaken and break her prisoner with nylon-clad feet and legs, squeezing him, scissoring him, shoving her feet into his face and throat, and verbally harassing him throughout.

Indra's domination style is cheeky, brassy, and taunting. She removes Thrash's gag as she works, coaxing him to admit he is a bitch and a pansy. Once he has given up hope and accepted his situation, she unties him and makes him worship her feet. As he gives in to his fetishistic desire for her lovely feet and legs, she makes him admit that that men are indeed the weaker sex. That, Detective Thrash, is how it happens. Satisfied with his admission, Indra concludes with a standing foot-on-throat finish to take his breath away.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lia Labowe's Mixed Wrestling Submission Clinic

Lia Labowe's Submission Clinic
Mixed Wrestling Athletic Domination

Inline image 1

By special request, Lia Labowe squares off against Hanz in this submission-filled, athletic domination match. Lia unleashes an arsenal of graceful submission holds on Hanz as he struggles to escape and survive.

The match is one-sided with a lively and athletic pace. Lia maintains total control with skill and finesse, luring Hanz into her holds and taunting him when he finds himself painfully trapped.

Lia uses a variety of submission holds, including tight chokeholds, punishing head scissors and body scissors, the grapevine and reverse grapevine, shoulder locks, triangle, mounted triangle, arm bars, and even a camel clutch.

Lia teases Hanz as she out-maneuvers him, totally confident and smiling as she forces him to tap out. The match has an intimate tone, and Lia's holds are prolonged and torturous.

She finishes him with an incredibly tight mounted triangle and then taunts him further with a satisfied victory pose.

Full video description and preview thumbnails:  http://www.doommaidens.com/store/liasubmissionclinic/

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